Our Ventures

My Healthcare Shoppee

At My Healthcare Shoppee, we focus on producing high-quality dietary products designed to promote a healthy lifestyle. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Bhagyashree, our production unit meticulously crafts each product to ensure optimal nutrition and wellness for our customers. We are committed to delivering superior health solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clientele. You may purchase our products through our e-commerce portal www.myhealthcareshoppee.com.

Appropriate Ayurveda

Appropriate Ayurveda is our dedicated manufacturing unit for Ayurvedic products, led by Dr. Bhagyashree. Here, we blend traditional Ayurvedic principles with modern scientific practices to create effective and natural health solutions. Our goal is to offer authentic Ayurvedic products that enhance well-being and restore balance, catering to the growing demand for holistic and sustainable health remedies. You may visit www.appropriateayurveda.com for more information.

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