Diabetes Care

APPROACH TO DIABETIC AND HYPERTENSIVE PATIENTS We, at our center, study diabetic and hypertensive patients with respect to their day to day intake as advised by their physicians and tablets taken by them. We do not stop any medicines advised by their doctors. Our experts on diet, make changes in their diet by studying the day to day activities. We study their recent pathological reports . If necessary we advise some more or advanced investigations. Based on reports we identify causes of deficiencies. Most of the times the patients do not get expected results of medicines due to improper dietary habits. Later we advise some herbal nutritional supplement to correct the deficiency. After the first consultations patient is asked to come for monthly follow up. Most of the time the patients get results in 3 months. After 3 months investigations are done to verify the result.


Health as well as well immunity to various diseases mainly depend on day to day nutrition. Nutrition provides an energy for day to day activities. Moreover it is important for maintenance of immunity. Disturbance in metabolism results in changes in health status resulting into metabolic disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension. Improper dietary habits, Lack of exercises is mainly responsible for these Disorders alternation in immunity results in various infections of various systems causing Respiratory, Digestive, Urinary infections. Even Cancer caused due to depressed immunity.


We, at Appropriate Diet therapy center, study the day to day diets of Diabetes, Hypertensive patients. depending on their Lifestyle we suggest them necessary changes in daily food intake. We identify the reasons of their disorders by doing primary investigations. If necessary they are confirmed by advanced Investigations. Deficiencies if found are corrected by giving Nutritional supplements, Amino acids,Enzymes. We do not stop any medicines advised by treating Physicians for diabetes Hypertension. For any other ailment, The changes made in diets results in control of Uncontrolled Diabetes, Hypertension within short period of time . Patients are advised to take Consultation of treating physician before making any changes in doses.

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