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With molecular and cell therapy

We, at our center, study diabetic patients with respect to their day to day intake as advised by their physicians and tablets taken by them.

Diagnosed with a cardiac ailments can be overwhelming for you. We identify the reasons of their disorders by doing primary investigation.

Most joint pain problems are due to degenerative changes in bones. These changes are gradual and usually are due to irregular dietary habits.

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“Save Cell To Save the whole Body”  – The structural & functional unit of life is – “cell”. Human body comprises of billions of cells, which are being replaced at the rate of 200 million / minute or 300 billion / day. It means that till you complete reading this page, hundreds of millions of cells are already formed. Here, at appropriate diet therapy center, we are constantly coming up with new & scientific ideas to save your body’s structural & functional unit.


We, at Appropriate Diet therapy center, study the day to day diets of Diabetes, Hypertensive patients. depending on their Lifestyle we suggest them necessary changes in daily food intake. We identify the reasons of their disorders by doing primary investigations. If necessary they are confirmed by advanced Investigations. Deficiencies if found are corrected by giving Nutritional supplements, Amino acids, Enzymes. We do not stop any medicines advised by treating Physicians for diabetes Hypertension. For any other ailment, The changes made in diets results in control of Uncontrolled Diabetes, Hypertension within short period of time . Patients are advised to take Consultation of treating physician before making any changes in doses.

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